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US universities with high research designation







Whether we’re researching how zebrafish can regrow kidneys, unearthing artifacts at abandoned settlements, training future police officers to better understand racial issues, finding ways to protect lungs from nanoparticles, 或者发现一只恐龙, IUP faculty members and students are seeking discoveries.

Our approach to research makes IUP stand out from the crowd.


Every year our student and faculty researchers receive millions of dollars in grants to fund their work so they can continue to make discoveries.

The Carnegie Foundation classifies IUP as a doctoral university with high research activity. That’s an honor met or exceeded by only about 7 percent of colleges nationally.

Changing the World While Changing Students’ Lives

When we roll up our sleeves and dig into research, we do it locally with an eye on a global application. While our research changes the world, it also changes the experience our students have. They leave here confident in their ability to solve problems, 批判性的思考, and are ready to remain curious as they enter the workforce.



Many resources are available to the university community for all stages of your research project—from funding and conducting responsible research to managing your research project, including resources specific to student research.